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  • Super Bowl Party

    Super Bowl Party Safety For Your Pets

    Throwing a Super Bowl Party? Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe during game day. Keep the food away from your pets. Try to avoid placing dips and wings on coffee tables where your pet can easily get to.  Guacamole: If you use onions and garlic in your dip these can…

  • Bend Veterinarian Doctor Couto and a black lab

    What is Chemotherapy in Pets Really Like? Fact & Fiction

    What does chemotherapy in pets really look like? Is it the same as for humans? In the event your dog or cat develops cancer, it’s helpful to know the differences between pet chemotherapy and treatment for humans.

  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals

    Environmental Pet Allergies: Diagnosis & Treatment

    Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Bentley went live on Facebook to go deeper into the diagnosis and treatment of environmental pet allergies. In this most recent episode, Dr. Bentley explains how pets are tested for allergies, and how an allergy vaccine can help.

  • Pet Allergies: What to know about the symptoms

    Pet Allergies: What to Know About Itching, Scratching, & Licking
    What are they, and how can you help your pet feel better as the pollen flies this spring? Veterinary Referral Center dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Bentley explains.