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  • Pet Healthcare After Pandemic: A Veterinary Update

    Throughout the nation, pet owners are having difficulty scheduling timely appointments for their pets while pet emergency facilities are experiencing wait times of up to 12 hours. We have doubled our staff and plan to increase our physical space in the coming year, but the fact remains that there is a nationwide veterinary crisis. What does that mean for Central Oregon pets and their people?

  • Valley Fever: Lennon’s Survival Tale

    For any pet parent, Lennon’s story is a tale of terror, at least at the beginning. Over the course of a year, Lennon, a healthy, active dog, grew increasingly lethargic. Then one day last in December, he was unable to walk.

  • Oso’s Canine Cancer Survival Story

    It was a shock when Oso, young and otherwise healthy, experienced the sudden loss of the use of his back legs. With the support of family, friends, and a great veterinary network, Oso’s pet parents were able to be the heroes he needed to be up and running (and swimming, and playing) again. Here’s their story.

  • What is Chemotherapy in Pets Really Like? Fact & Fiction

    What does chemotherapy in pets really look like? Is it the same as for humans? In the event your dog or cat develops cancer, it’s helpful to know the differences between pet chemotherapy and treatment for humans.

  • Pet Allergy Vaccine

    Environmental Pet Allergies: Diagnosis & Treatment

    Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Bentley went live on Facebook to go deeper into the diagnosis and treatment of environmental pet allergies. In this most recent episode, Dr. Bentley explains how pets are tested for allergies, and how an allergy vaccine can help.

  • Minimally invasive surgery tool

    Minimally Invasive Surgeries

    Dr. Stephen Stockdale sat down with VRC dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Bentley on this week’s Facebook Live video to talk about what minimally invasive surgery is, and how it can benefit your pet.

  • Pet Allergies: What to know about the symptoms

    Pet Allergies: What to Know About Itching, Scratching, & Licking
    What are they, and how can you help your pet feel better as the pollen flies this spring? Veterinary Referral Center dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Bentley explains.

  • Emergency veterinarian Sean Panella

    Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

    Learn about human foods that are toxic to dogs and cats. Plus, what to do if your pet eats chocolate, and toxic fruits and veggies.

  • Matt Vaughan veterinary internal medicine

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs and Cats

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease in pets involves inflammation of the wall of the intestine, possibly due to an intolerance of intestinal bacteria or as a reaction to antigens. VRC’s Dr. Vaughan weighs in on how vets diagnose IBD, and how it can be treated.

  • Don't try this at home pet remedies

    Don’t Try This at Home | Harmful Home Remedies for Pets

    It goes without saying that most pet parents have the best interests of their dogs and cats at heart. Sometimes, though, even the best intentions can cause more harm than good. On this week’s FB Live video, Dr. Jennifer Bentley of Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon offered advice on what NOT to do when your pet has a problem.