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  • Itchy & Infected Ears in Dogs & Cats: Causes & Treatments

    Your dog or cat is shaking her head, pawing at his ears, or trying to rub her ears on the ground. A pet with itchy ears can indicate inflammation of the extended ear canal and can cause distress. Dr. Jennifer Bentley weighs in itchy and infected ears in dogs and cats, and what pet parents can do about it.

  • Valley Fever: Lennon’s Survival Tale

    For any pet parent, Lennon’s story is a tale of terror, at least at the beginning. Over the course of a year, Lennon, a healthy, active dog, grew increasingly lethargic. Then one day last in December, he was unable to walk.

  • Canine cancer survivor dog

    Oso’s Canine Cancer Survival Story

    It was a shock when Oso, young and otherwise healthy, experienced the sudden loss of the use of his back legs. With the support of family, friends, and a great veterinary network, Oso’s pet parents were able to be the heroes he needed to be up and running (and swimming, and playing) again. Here’s their story.

  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals

    Environmental Pet Allergies: Diagnosis & Treatment

    Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Bentley went live on Facebook to go deeper into the diagnosis and treatment of environmental pet allergies. In this most recent episode, Dr. Bentley explains how pets are tested for allergies, and how an allergy vaccine can help.

  • feline blockage

    Is My Cat “Blocked”?

    Is your male cat excessively licking his hind-end/ prepuce, ‘walking funny’, yowling, posturing to urinate outside the box, and frequenting the litter-box often? If so, your beloved feline may have a urethral obstruction.