Myths & Truths About Grain Free Diets

Myths and Truths about Grain Free Diets

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Last month the Food and Drug Administration started investigating a link between grain free diets and dilated cardiomyopathy, a very serious heart condition. This association is still under investigation and the cause is still unknown. Read the whole story at washingpost.com/news

So why are we feeding our pets grain free in the first place? The push for grain free has not come from veterinarians – it is simply due to strategic marketing. There are no known health benefits to feeding a grain free diet vs a diet with grains.

Some owners may choose grain free because they believe their pet is allergic to a grain. However, grains are the least likely cause of food allergies in dogs and cats. Food allergies, 99% of the time, are caused by a protein in the diet. Additionally, boutique diets can not be considered “pure” in terms of being grain free or having a single protein source. Multiple studies have shown cross contamination of over the counter diets with items not included on the ingredient list. For example, you might think you are feeding a grain free bison diet, but your actually getting traces of chicken, beef, and corn. This is why if you are concerned about a food allergy you need to discuss with a veterinarian the best way to do a very controlled diet trial.

My recommendation is if your pet has not been diagnosed with a grain allergy than stop feeding grain-free food.

Jennifer Bentley, DVM, DACVD

Board Certified Dermatologist