Winter Weather Tips for your Dog

Winter Weather Tips for your Dog

Most of us are ready for spring, but it seems that winter isn’t quite done with us yet. In this video, Dr. Aja Norman gives us advice on how to keep our pets safe during the colder months.

Even with cold weather and snow, our pets still love to go on long walks and it’s also important for them to get out of the house. Just make sure to keep their paws warm because animals do get frostbite from prolonged exposure to the cold.

If your pet has been on a long walk in the cold or snow, rinse their feet with lukewarm water to warm up their paws while removing any irritants they picked up along the way.

To avoid lacerations on the paws or to keep your pet warmer on those long walks, try to use booties. They will make a big difference. Check out our recommendations for snow booties, along with other winter pet protection tips here.

If an accident occurs while skiing with your pet and they get a laceration, make sure to flush the wound with warm water and apply a clean dressing. Follow up with an assessment at your local veterinarian’s office. Read our blog to learn more about how to ski safely with your dog.

For even more tips on winter pet safety, listen to our discussion with VRCCO’s ER doctor, Taylor Stockdale here. Enjoy the last bit of winter and stay safe!