Biking with your Dog

Keep your dogs safe and happy when you incorporate them into your favorite outdoor activities.

Bike riding

As the warmer weather creeps into Central Oregon, now is a great time to start incorporating your pup into your outdoor activities. One popular activity in Bend Oregon is biking which can be done safely with your dog following some precautions. Here are VRCCO’s tips for how you can bike safely this summer with your dog.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Start slow and respect the limitations of your pet. Some dogs are simply not built for longer endurance activities – ie. Bulldogs and larger heavy dogs.
  • Train your dog. If your dog tends to pull a lot on a leash then this behavior can be problematic on the bicycle. Make sure your dog is properly leashed trained and then get them used to walking by the bicycle. After that, you can progress to riding short distances.
  • Avoid rough trails and going long distances in the heat.
  • Consider a hands-free dog bike leash so you can keep both hands on the bike.
  • Don’t forget to bring water along for your dog and allow for plenty of breaks.