Water-Related Dangers; Salmon Poisoning and Blue-Green Algae

Water-Related Dangers; Salmon Poisoning and Blue-Green Algae

It’s summer, FINALLY! We all want to get out in the sun and cool off in the waters
of our beautiful Pacific NorthWest, and our dogs do too. But be careful! There are
dangers out there that are easily avoided if you know what to look for.

Salmon Poisoning: This is an infectious disease caused by a rickettsial
bacterium that is present in flatworms or flukes that infect fish like trout and
salmon, and weirdly, by salamanders!. It is killed by cooking, so we don’t have to
worry about it, but if our dogs are fed raw fish or find a dead fish on the river
bank, they may contract this disease that is 90% fatal if not treated!!

Monitor your pets carefully and keep them away from any raw fish and don’t let
them dig under logs etc. where they might find a newt or salamander.

Symptoms Include:

Fever followed by hypothermia
Decreased appetite
Nausea and vomiting
Bloody Diarrhea Dehydration
Weight loss
Eye and nose discharge
Enlarged lymph nodes

Water story cover

Blue-Green Algae: The hot weather causes blooms in algae that appear as
pea-green scum on the water. If an animal drinks from the water or even swims
in it, they can suffer a fatal event.

Symptoms Include:
Excessive drooling
Respiratory failure
Liver failure

If you know your dog may have been exposed, call your veterinarian right away!

Summer should be fun! Let’s keep it safe!