CO2 Laser for Dermatological Procedures

CO2 Laser for Dermatological Procedure

Our dermatology service is able to remove small masses and treat certain dermatological conditions with our CO2 laser. This treatment has several benefits over conventional surgery:

Most procedures can be done by numbing the skin prior to the procedure. Often sedation and general anesthesia can be avoided.

  • Minimal pain
  • Minimal hemorrhage (bleeding) and tissue destruction.
  • If a patient has multiple masses/tumors, conventional surgery may be too time consuming to perform.

Below is a list of diseases in which laser treatment is recommended:

  • Removal of small masses: examples include sebaceous adenomas (warts, skin tags), and papilloma’s
  • Removal of cysts
  • Removal of hemangiomas – small red areas caused by UV light. These tumor types can turn malignant or aggressive (cancerous).
  • Removal of tumors in difficult locations – ears and tail.