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  • Super Bowl Party

    Super Bowl Party Safety For Your Pets

    Throwing a Super Bowl Party? Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe during game day. Keep the food away from your pets. Try to avoid placing dips and wings on coffee tables where your pet can easily get to.  Guacamole: If you use onions and garlic in your dip these can…

  • Harper

    Puppy Survives Boating Accident | Harper’s Story

    On a hot day last July, Erin’s family rented a pontoon boat on Diamond Lake. After a day in the sunshine, and playing in the water, the family went to dock the boat at 4 p.m. and the unthinkable happened.

  • Sharing people food with pets

    Holiday Foods and Pets

    Ground Rules for Sharing Human Food with Pets: First, moderation is key when sharing people food with our pets. However, there are plenty of “no-no’s” and toxic foods you never want to share with your pets. Learn what we recommend about sharing human food with dogs and cats in this article.

  • dangerous_foods_for_pets

    Off the Holiday Table: Feeding Don’ts for Pets

    Here come the holidays, and with them, all the food that celebrates the season! As we make merry, the team at Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon wants to remind pet parents that the feast we love can make our dogs and cats sick. The following is a short list of feeding don’ts for pets this holiday season and all year long.