How to protect your dogs paws in the snow

How To Protect Your Dogs Paws in The Snow

Snow is in the forecast and we wanted to share a few winter safety tips for your dogs. The most important thing to know is that Ice and snow build up between your pet’s toes can create extreme discomfort and even cause blistering and eventually sloughing of the skin (frostbite). Additionally, chemicals used to melt the snow can be irritating.

Here are some tips to protect the paws.

o   Tip #1:  The best way to protect your dogs paws are using booties such as Ruffwear performance booties (Dog Boots, Shoes & Socks | Paw Protection For Dogs | Ruffwear).  Expect your dog to take some time getting used to these booties – think 2-5min of walking very funny.  After that most dogs do very well. 

o   Tip #2:  Not tolerating booties – try a paw balm such as Mushers Secret which helps provide protection to salt, and snow/ice build up.

o   Tip #3:  Regular grooming of the paws can go a long way to prevent ice build up by simply trimming off excess hair.

o   Tip #4:  Wipe the paws after walking outside:  This will help minimize damage from any residues that your pet may have stepped in. 

o   Tip #5:  Keep the walks short.