Dr. Taylor Stockdale Bend veterinary emergency doctor

Dr. Taylor Stockdale

Saving lives in the critical care unit, Dr. Taylor Stockdale brings her expertise and passion to every emergency case at VRCCO. Dr. Stockdale honed her skills at Washington State University and a Seattle multi-specialty practice, where she led the emergency department.

Her dedication extends beyond saving lives. Dr. Stockdale thrives on mentoring interns, fostering the next generation of veterinary professionals. Her commitment to teaching shines through in VRCCO’s rotating internship program, which she manages with dedication.

When not treating critical patients, Dr. Stockdale embraces mountain adventures with her family, conquering trails on skis, bikes, and backpacks. Whether biking, backpacking, or skiing, she’s always up for an outdoor challenge. In quieter moments, she enjoys the soothing melody of playing the piano.