Remembrance Fund

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The Remembrance Fund was created for parents that want to contribute a donation in memory of their beloved pet.

Inspired by some of our own valued pet-parents, Remembrance funds will directly benefit departments or special cases that are determined by the contributor and are in financial need.

*A minimum donation of $3,000 is required in order for this fund to give the best possible support to other patient-guests. 

How it Works

1. VRCCO will create remembrance cards that will have an image of your loved one as well as a message to the recipient. When a case is determined, the recipient’s parent will receive this card, your support, and your message of well wishes.

2. You will then receive an update on who your contribution has benefited and how your donation has helped other VRCCO patient-guests.

Some of the ways your donation could help others.

  • Provide chemotherapy to those facing financial hardships
  • Provide life-saving emergency surgical procedures to patients in financial need
  • Provide private cremation services to those facing financial hardships
  • Help feline dermatology cases that are facing financial hardship

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Beth, Dave, and Porter

Remembrance Fund Inspiration

The Remembrance Fund was inspired by one family and one special patient-guest, Porter. Beth and Dave had a desire to help other pet-patients that wound up in similar circumstances as Porter. They give some insight on what made them want to contribute towards these special cases:

“Pets are a part of our family. We wanted to donate to a pet’s family in need to help lessen their financial burden so their pet had the opportunity to receive quality care from the team at VRCCO. We hope to give the family and their pet more quality time together.”

We created the cards for the pet parents to honor Porter and let the pet parents know they are not alone in the fight. We have been there and know what they are going through.


In Memory of Porter

“Porter was an oncology patient and Dr. Couto and her team members Lindsay and Chaz took amazing care of him. The staff at VRCCO work as a team regardless of their department. When Porter needed other services such as an ultrasound, blood transfusion, and after-hours care, all VRCCO team members knew his case and provided him with exceptional compassionate care.”

VRCCO would like to thank Beth and Dave for sharing their story and inspiring such a thoughtful and generous program of giving. If you would like to learn more about our Remembrance Fund, please email: hero@vrcvet.com or if you would like to donate in honor of your loved one, please fill out the form below.

Remembrance Fund Inquiry

To learn more about setting up a fund, please fill out our inquiry form below and we will contact you shortly. Thank you!

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