When to seek emergency care

Veterinarians are trained to pick up on subtle cues during physical examination to find out what is wrong with your pet.  If you are concerned about your pet it is important to have your pet evaluated by a veterinarian as many pets can hide illness, making it difficult to tell if and why they are hurting or sick.   

If you are concerned about your pet for any reason we are here to help. 


If your pet is experiencing any of the following symptoms, we recommend that you seek veterinary care as quickly as possible:

  • Accident or trauma

  • Blue, white or very pale gums

  • Sudden severe pain (signs can include: abnormal aggression or guarding of the body, crying out very loudly and/or excessively, shaking, panting, restlessness)

  • Uncontrollable bleeding, bleeding from the nose, or blood in urine, vomit, or stool

  • Suspected ingestion of foreign objects, harmful substances, or toxins

  • Difficulty breathing or choking

  • Seizures

  • Enlarged, firm abdomen

  • Sudden weakness or collapse

  • Disorientation or unconsciousness

  • Seizures

  • Difficulty standing or paralysis

  • Straining or inability to urinate or defecate