Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

pets on halloween

The Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center of Central Oregon is very happy to be available and providing 24 hour care for any animal emergency situations that may arise during Halloween festivities.

Halloween can be a lot of fun for our kids and families, however there are many things we recommend to keep your beloved pets safe during this upcoming holiday. We recommend keeping your pets indoors and away from loud noises and spooky costumes during trick-or-treat hours, as this can be scary and cause unnecessary stress to our dogs and cats. It is always a good idea to keep proper identification in the off chance that a pet gets loose during the ruckus. We also recommend keeping pets away from Halloween candy and chocolates, as these foods are often toxic and can result in anything from gastrointestinal upset to hyperactivity and heart arrhythmias in more severe ingestions. In the event that your pet does get into something he/ she shouldn’t, or has any other concerning signs, please contact VRCCO emergency for consultation!