July is Pet Hydration Month

See below tips to keep your dog hydrated.

1. With the summer heat, keep your dog in shaded or cool areas
2. Avoid intense exercise during the hottest part of the day
3. Provide access to water always
4. Sometimes a cool area to lie on such as a cold tile floor can be helpful
5. If your dog doesn’t want to keep walking in the middle of a hike it is likely because they are exhausted.  Don’t let them reach that point.  They don’t know how to pace themselves so you will need to be look out for them.  Let your dog rest and recover.
6. Remember that a one mile hike for you is likely twice as much for your dog if they are not on a leash
7. If your dog is indoors all the time and it gets hot at home make sure you turn on the air conditioning for them
8. A loud and unusual heavy breathing sound in older dogs may be a sign of laryngeal paralysis.  Have a veterinarian evaluate your pet if you here this.
9. Some dogs like ice cubes by themselves or ice cubes in their water
10. Heat stroke is a real and preventable life threatening condition for dogs.  The majority of the time it’s preventable.