A Veterinarian’s Top 10 Gifts for Pets in 2020

  1. FurBo: With the Furbo Dog Camera, your dog will feel like you’re there, even when you’re not! This camera not only lets you see and talk to your canine companion, but it also allows you to toss treats to him when you’re not home.
  2. Jorgenson Nail Clippers: Heavy duty professional nail clippers used by most veterinary practices.
  3. Frisco Scratch and Roll: Most cats love hitting and chasing this ball around.  Bonus – it also has a scratcher to help teach them not to scratch the furniture.
  4. Tidy Cats Breeze Litter BoxBest for long haired cats that are not picky about litter type.  If you know someone who has a cat that tracks litter over the house this is a great gift.  The larger pellets have little tracking and are easy to see and pick up.
  1. Pet Stain Eraser: This is must for anyone who has that cat who occasionally vomits hairballs or any pet that gets sick.  It is basically a wet vacuum that can clean carpets.
  2. Musher’s Secret:  Great for dogs with sensitive feet, but love going out in the snow.  This ointment helps prevent the buildup of snow and ice on the paws.
  3. ChuckIt. Great gift for anyone with a dog that loves to run and chase balls.  These rubber balls are flung from a launcher giving an easy way to exercise active pups.
  4. BarkBox Gift SubscriptionNot sure exactly what to get?  Subscribe your pet lover to a monthly Bark Box that includes chews, treats curated from each month’s unique themed collection.
  5. Hylyte Crème Rinse:  Hypoallergenic conditioner great for any pet with dry skin, and flaking.
  1. Free form snip tips:  Not all essential oils are equal.  The “free form” fatty acids provides a highly concentrated dose of omega 3’s that are easily absorbed.  This is a great gift for owners with dogs who have sensitive skin, allergies, or joint problems.