Some helpful tips on how to make sure your pets enjoy the holiday weekend as much as you do.

It may not feel like it quite yet, but spring is in the air and the seasonal holidays are already here. Dr. Jennifer Bentley has some tips to share to ensure that our pets enjoy the celebration as much as we do.


The biggest thing is also the most obvious, chocolate. Everyone likely knows the dangers of chocolate to their pet, but just in case you needed a reminder to keep those bunnies out of reach, even the hollowed-out ones.

While chocolate is top of mind, regular candy is also a threat to your dog’s health. Sugar can cause unhealthy blood sugar spikes and a lot of sugar-free candy contains sugar substitutes that are very toxic to dogs.

Some food that isn’t as obvious are things like grapes and raisins. Both are very toxic to dogs and can lead to an unhappy holiday.


Finally, for our feline friends, be cautious of Easter Lilies. Your cat doesn’t even have to ingest the flower the pollen from the flower can be dangerous to your pet. So be mindful when placing those flower orders or setting up arrangements.