A small Jack Russell Terrier was bitten by a rattlesnake in rural Central Oregon.

On a Saturday afternoon, Diggity was out exploring on her property outside of Prineville. She went chasing something into the sagebrush, unfortunately, what she was chasing was a rattlesnake.

Kathie Wright noticed almost immediately that Diggity was bitten. What was rare in the case is that Diggity went into anaphylactic shock very suddenly, and was unconscious in the car.

“I thought she was dead on the drive to Bend,” Kathie Wright

Once they made it to VRCCO, things didn’t get off to a great start. Diggity had to be resuscitated multiple times before she completely turned the corner to recovery.

If a rattlesnake bites your pet:

Stay calm and remove your pet from the situation and let the snake be.

Transport your pet safely to the nearest emergency facility.

Please do not:

Make incisions over or around the bite wound.

Restrict blood flow by applying a tourniquet.