CO2 Laser Therapy

Our dermatology service is able to remove small masses and treat certain dermatological conditions with our CO2 laser.  This treatment has several benefits over conventional surgery:

1.)   Most procedures can be done by numbing the skin prior to the procedure.  Often sedation and general anesthesia can be avoided.

2.)   Less pain – the CO2 laser seals the nerve endings and little to no pain is experienced.

3.)  Minimal hemorrhage (bleeding) and tissue destruction.  The laser is a precise tool giving the dermatologist excellent control on how much tissue will be removed.  This also limits post-operative swelling and inflammation.

4.)  If a patient has multiple masses/tumors, conventional surgery may be too time consuming to be performed.


Below is a list of diseases in which laser treatment is recommended:

1.    Removal of small masses:  examples include sebaceous adenomas (warts), skin tags and papilloma’s.

2.    Removal of cysts.

3.    Removal of hemangiomas – small red areas caused by UV light.  These tumor types can turn malignant.

4.    Removal of tumors in difficult locations such as on the ears and tail.